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Cardiovascular + Respiratory Training for Kids

Cardio + Respiratory endurance refer to your kiddo’s ability to handle extended periods of activity. CrossFit + Brand X Kids training don’t JUST help with kids interested in athletics, either!

Cardio + Respiratory endurance help your child stay healthy well into adulthood, and keep their heart strong and enduring.


The Fitness Principle of Stamina for Children

The fitness principle of stamina refers to the ability to keep physical or mental effort going for pro-longed periods of time. CrossFit + Brand X Fitness go beyond giving your child a healthy outlet for their energy, it can also help improve overall focus and concentration as well.


Kids Strength Training

While the idea of “strength” for kids isn’t typically the first thing on a parents mind, helping your child improve their muscular strength not only gives them a confidence boost, it refers to the amount of weight that can be pushed, pulled, or supported.

For growing muscles, starting strength training early is a great way to build a foundation of fitness early in your child’s life.Added bonus? Strength training helps keep weight managed, and in the day of endless video games and SpongeBob re-runs, who doesn’t want that for their kids?


Flexibility in Children

The goal of flexibility training is to give your child expanded range of motion, and to improve the overall health of the way they add strength.

Our workouts incorporate flexibility training to help prevent stiffness, strain, or body aches and pains.


Training Kids for Better Overall Power

By increasing overall power through use of power training techniques, you will see an improvement in overall fitness as well as huge benefits in terms of muscle utilization. What’s that mean? Through power training, you can improve the number of muscles engaged in any workout, creating a balanced body composition and a healthy energy burn.


Speed Training for Kids of All Ages

Improving speed offers more than the obvious benefit of improved athleticism for your kids. Training your kids for speed helps instill life-long habits of health and wellness. Speed is also one of the kids’ fitness principles that keeps your little ones feeling psyched about their workouts. As they improve here, they’ll notice tons of playtime advantages. Recess race anyone?


Training Kids for Coordination 

Coordination combines mental focus and concentration with physical wellbeing to give your kids the ability to maintain rhythm. Whether your child is an aspiring athlete, or just looking to have some fun, fitness coordination training for kids is a great way to keep them feeling healthy and happy.


Agility in Kids Fitness Programs

In its simplest form, agility refers to your body’s ability to move quickly and with ease. Parents, that DOESN’T just refer to chore time. According to, agility is the key consideration that determines your child’s overall success in athletic conquests.


Why Balance is Key for Kids Fitness

Balance training goes beyond the expected improvements on posture and overall fitness. Improving balance helps prevent and reduce injury, and it’s also a key way to supporting mental clarity and easing anxiety. Balance focuses a lot on strengthening the core, which is a MUST-HAVE in your kids fitness routines!


The Importance of Accuracy for Kids

The last (but definitely not least) important principle taken into consideration with our kits fitness programs is accuracy. Accuracy helps instill discipline for any up-and-coming athlete. Bonus? It also helps prevent injuries and keep your kids having safe, FUN workouts!