Amanda’s Testimonial

Amanda Little Houston CrossFit

Amanda’s Testimonial

To be honest, I was tricked into trying CrossFit. It’s a funny story, really. My closest friend Laura KNEW I would love the CAVE. She, simultaneously knew that group workouts would terrify me. Laura knew I was CRAZY self-conscious and she knew I was intimidated. I thought I’d show up to a room of body builder types and immediately break into a panic running out screaming never to try CrossFit again.

Can Fat People Do CrossFit?

Before you freak out, I’m safely allowed to pose this question, this way. At 330lbs, I could swear that this would just not be my thing. Laura told me there was a class ALL for overweight women, and that I’d love it and I’d make tons of friends. She said she was going to show up, and even paid for my membership…so of course, I had to show up.

I showed up, and wandered into the CrossFit room with Laura. First off, I should tell you that this night was a strangely quiet room. Everyone that was in Caveman Cardio were coaches! It was when the program first launched apparently. I, was so. friggin. scared.

It turned out OK though! I got through 13 minutes of the workout. I learned (thanks to the coaches, and Laura) that not only was this OK, but THIS was an accomplishment. The fact that I showed up, was an accomplishment. It was all a win, and I should be proud of myself. After that workout, I was determined to keep going.

It didn’t take me long to rope my fiance in. He was less than excited to try it. We’re not your typical “CrossFit” people – or at least – that’s what we thought! Michael and I started to really count on CrossFit. For our energy, for our relationship, and for our body, CrossFit became this safe space where we could grow!

Next, I brought in my friend from Work! Her circumstances were far different than mine (she wanted to tone up, not lose weight), AND we even did a team workout.

It wasn’t easy, but it was fun. My confidence grew and grew with every class, and before long, I turned into one of “those” CrossFit people. You know, the ones who tell EVERYONE they meet to try CrossFit. This isn’t JUST a workout for some people. For some people, like myself, it’s family.

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