Available CrossFit Caveman Classes

* Please Note: All Kids Classes Must Be Booked at Least an Hour In Advanced


Here at CrossFit Caveman, we believe in our coaches, in our process, and in our gym. That’s why we’re offering YOU the opportunity to try out one of our classes COMPLETELY free. All you have to do is sign up below, and follow these steps to claim your free CrossFit class in the Sugar Land, Stafford, or Missouri City Area. 



  • Choose Your Class Time! We have over 40 weekly class times to choose from, making CrossFit easy and convenient no matter what your age, experience level, or goals are. Pick the Class time that works for you and let us know.


  • Reply to Our Email: When you sign up in the form above, we’ll send you a welcome email! Simply reply to the welcome email and let us know when you’re coming so we can come say Hi! Don’t be shy, our coaches love working with clients.


  • Show Up Early for Class: I know I know, you haven’t heard of showing up early to a free CrossFit class or anything like it since high school! BUT, We promise it’s worth it. When you show up early, we can work with you 1-on-1 to help introduce you to the gym, help you modify any movements you need changes on, and get you prepped for a successful class!