Classical CrossFit for Beginners & Cardio.


We’re so thrilled to bring our unique, custom-built CrossFit mini-program to the Sugar Land area for people looking for beginner or weight-loss focused CrossFit.


Built to take the unique movements of CrossFit and focus on Cardio instead of Barbells, Caveman Cardio is a 20-Minute bodyweight (with light dumb bells, if any) workout that anyone can try.


If you’re looking to lose weight with CrossFit, you’ve probably heard how important cardio is. Caveman Cardio is a perfect place to start for Sugar Land locals.

“We are all busy, but Kickstart is great way to fit an intensive 30 minute workout in to your day. Sharon is a great coach and designs different workouts each day so you never get bored. There is also a sense of community that happens as the same people show up and become accountable to each other. I love [the Cave]!”

Amanda Little Testimonial“The Cave changed my life. Coach Sharon honestly believed in me even when I couldn’t, and I’ll never forget the things I’ve learned being a part of this amazing family. Weight loss aside, the Cave helped me rediscover myself. Looking better was honestly icing on the cake. Thank you guys for all you do and all you’ve done. I love you!”

“I started losing weight immediately when I joined the Cave. Caveman Cardio is a beast, but there’s modifications and you never feel judged. I think it’s a great program whether you’re just first starting or you’re fit, and I like how the team just vibes together. Everything I could have asked for in a gym, Thanks guys!”


Caveman Cardio is a fun way to kick start the next level of fitness. Whether you are a beginner or an avid gym goer, Caveman Cardio will provide you a challenging workout to help you meet your overall fitness goals.


Caveman Cardio is a group based Stafford, Missouri City & Sugar Land fitness class that focuses on functional fitness. The Kick Start program uses body weight movements, kettlebells, light dumb bells, medicine balls, and cardio to challenge each individual person in the group. The non-intimidating environment will cater to those who are interested in a fun workout program to push them to new levels of fitness.


  • 30 Minute Class (10min Warm-Up + 20Min Work)
  • Proven Weight Loss Results
  • A Non-Judgemental Team
  • Personalized Coaching in Every Group

Caveman Cardio Pricing

Bootcamp Style CrossFit Fitness Serving the Sugar Land, Stafford, and Missouri City Areas. 

  • Twice Weekly Membership

  • Cardio Only Members: $65 Monthly

    Full Members: $25 Monthly

    CrossFit Space

  • Three Times Weekly

  • Cardio Only Members: $80 Monthly

    Full Members: $40 Monthly

    CrossFit Space

  • Monthly Unlimited

  • Cardio Only Members: $105 Monthly

    Full Members: $65 Monthly

    CrossFit Space

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