Robbie’s CrossFit Caveman Story


Robbie’s CrossFit Caveman Story

It wasn’t like I was a couch potato, sitting on the sofa with a bag of chips watching Hallmark movies all weekend. I ate fairly healthy, rode my bike, participated in weight training and spinning classes at the gym, played racquetball once a week, but it just wasn’t working for me. I was still overweight and very discouraged. I was 58 years old and not about to give up! I needed something different.

I rode my bike more often, gave up racquetball, started running and signed up for a 5K. Though I was happy to be doing these things, it wasn’t satisfying my need for something “out of the box”. I wasn’t getting any smaller and most of my workouts were done alone, boring.

One day I met a friend for lunch and she told me she’d tried a class at CrossFit Caveman not far from my house. When she described what it was like, I knew immediately that’s what I’d been looking for. I shared my excitement about this new venture with my son and his girlfriend. A look of unease came over his face and he said “Oh Mom, I don’t think you should do that. That’s really hard and I think it’ll be too much for you.” Ha! Challenge accepted! I never listen when my kids try to boss me around. I called the Cave and talked to Sharon, who convinced me to come on in and give it a try. I was worried about my age, my weight, that I wouldn’t fit in and wouldn’t be able to do any of the things the others were doing, but once she explained about scaling and how it all worked, I decided to give it a shot. As luck would have it, I received a Living Social e-mail right at that time. My fate was sealed.

From the moment I stepped in the door, I was welcomed and encouraged and “almost” convinced I could do this. Even though I was quite sore after the first workout, I came back and worked through it. And I kept coming back. There were people of all ages, sizes and lifestyles. The interaction was amazing. I could barely do one sit-up, my squats were so bad the words “get your chest up, Robbie” echoed through my mind even in my sleep, my lunges were one big stumble; and bear crawl – what the heck was that! Then came crab walk! My first crab walk, my butt hit the floor every single time I moved my arms and legs, and I struggled to keep from crying. Not so much anymore!

I’ve been a member of the CrossFit Caveman family for over 3 years and I’ve made so many new and amazing friends of all ages. I’ve lost a lot of weight and I’ve gotten stronger and better able to move about in my daily life. My CrossFit skills are greatly improved, and I feel so good about myself. My confidence in my abilities to do things in and out of the gym has increased as well. I don’t pay attention to the “RX” weights on the board, and I only compete against myself. I know what my body can do, how it feels from day to day, how far to push myself to avoid getting hurt and (often with a little nudge from the coaches) when I need to push myself a little harder. I doesn’t matter if I finish last; I just have to finish.

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