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Brand X Method Advanced Kids Trainer

Brand X Method Youth Weightlifting Trainer


Owner + Caveman Coach

Favorite WOD: Hansen

Least Favorite WOD: Cindy

Favorite Lift: Overhead Squat

Favorite Thing About the Cave: Watching the transformations in clients.

Throughout her childhood Sharon was very active and participated in sports from kindergarten through high school and even a couple years in college. Before starting CrossFit she knew she was out of shape but boy was she surprised after her first WOD. When Sharon walked into her first CrossFit workout she thought there was no way that she could do the workout. She quickly fell in love with CrossFit and everything it had to offer those who dare to get involved. CrossFit has kept her engaged in fitness since she started in 2009. The constantly changing workouts, the drive to get a PR, the desire to always improve is what keeps Sharon coming back for more.

What Sharon loves the most about CrossFit is the scalability for any athlete. The essence of CrossFit is functional fitness, movements that imitate what we do everyday. With functional movements that are fully scalable kids could workout alongside their parents or grandparents. Newbies and elite athletes can participate in the same WOD. She loved that she was able to participate in CrossFit through both of her pregnancies.


Sharon says the best thing about being a coach is watching a client accomplish something that they never thought they can do. Whether it be completing a 200m run without stopping or walking or performing Annie in under 5 minutes, the excitement clients get when they achieve their goals makes it all worth it.


Sharon has a Bachelors and Masters in Accounting, along with a CPA. She spent almost 10 years in accounting and business before quitting to coach and run the Cave.